Our personal motto is"Respect the Client's Vision for their Case."  Which means if you want to take your case to trial...LET'S GO!  We will listen to your side of the story, follow every logical lead to assist with your trial, and evaluate the US Attorney or District Attorney's evidence and develop a defense that is in line with your vision.  We will expect complete truth about your case.  In return, we will give you the hard core truth of your case, no sugar-coating, straight no chaser!
We will not ask you to compromise your personal principles to settle a case!  We will keep you informed of ALL of your legal rights and consequences so that YOU can make informed decisions about the resolution of your case. The right to a trial is your right and no one should make that decision for you. HOWEVER, as experienced attorneys, we will make sure that you are fully advised of all of your rights and best options. We will advise you on jury trials, plea agreements with the US Attorney or District Attorney, pleas with the judge. We will advise you about deferred adjudication, regular probation and pre-trial diversions.  No one can predict the future, but with our legal advice you can make the best possible decisions to make YOUR VISION for YOUR CASE a reality.  You are not alone, WE are in this together. 
CALL ME NOW TO START FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM!!! I represent clients in ALL FELONIES, MISDEMEANORS AND FEDERAL CRIMINAL OFFENSES.  Also contact me to seal or expunge your criminal record.
Don't waste time, the prosecutors are working hard against you!  Let us help you NOW.
Here are SOME of my results:
  • Aggravated Robbery -No Bill dismiss - No. 1235378
  • Aggravated Assault -No Bill dismiss - No. 1263037
  • Sexual Assault - No Bill dismiss - No. 1144481
  • Injury to a Child Under 15 - No Bill dismiss - No. 1278016
  • Possession Controlled Substance - No Bill dismiss - No. 1345343
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault - Jury trial NOT GUILTY - No. 984310
  • Sexual Assault - Jury trial NOT GUILTY- No. 1267232
  • Felony Theft - Jury trial NOT GUILTY - No. 1050417, 418
  • Assault Family Member - Jury trial NOT GUILTY- No. 1732247
  • DWI- Jury trial NOT GUILTY - No. 1824658
  • Murder - Dismissed - No. 1283649
  • Aggravated Robbery/Deadly Weapon -DismissedNo. 1314027
  • Aggravated Assault - Dismissed -No.1204004
  • DWI - Dismissed- No. 1595972
  • Possession of Controlled Substance - Dismissed- No. 1360919
  • Aggravated Robbery -Dismissed- No. 1066346
  • Burglary of a Habitation - Dismissed - No. 1333121
  • Assault Family Violence - Dismissed- No. 1399837
  • Possession of Marijuana - Dismissed- No. 1452785
  • Indecent Exposure - Dismissed - No. 1905228
  • Resisting Arrest - Dismissed- No. 121211
  • Interference Duties w/Public Servant - Dismissed - No. 1890615
  • Theft - Dismissed - No. 1826580
  • Theft of Service - Dismissed - No. 1882245
  • Unlawful Possession of Firearm - Dismissed- No. 1578617
  • Felony Unauthorized Use Vehicle - Dismissed- No. 04336016 (Fort Bend)
  • Assault - Dismissed- No. 1775303
  • Criminal Trespass - Dismissed- No. 1765282
  • Evading Arrest -Dismissed- No. 1772348
  • Liquor Violation - Dismissed- No. 1126408
  • Forgery - Dismissed- No. 1183846
  • Burglary of Building. - Dismissed- No.1190256
  • Criminal Mischief - Dismissed- No. 1141789
  • Terroristic Threat - Dismissed - No. 1814064
  • Carrying a Weapon - Dismissed - No. 1817320
  • All cases listed above are in Harris County unless otherwise indicated.
Outcome of cases vary and depend on individual facts and laws, all cases are different. Not certified by board of legal specialization.
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