Drug Offenses

Possession of Marijuana
Felony Possession
Possession With Intent to Deliver

A drug conviction can involve jail, probation, fines and mandatory treatment.  In addition, drug convictions may effect your ability to get student loans, find housing or obtain employment.  Felony drug convictions will prohibit possession of a firearm and often involve mandatory prison sentences.

There are many alternatives to jail or prison available in drug cases, if you are willing to get treatment.  Drug court allows you to avoid a criminal conviction if you comply with with treatment and other requirements.  BTC (Breaking the Cycle) is an alternative to jail on felony drug cases in Pierce County.  In addition, DOSA (Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative) is an option to reduce prison sentences in felony drug cases.  An experienced attorney will explore all alternatives that may be available to you.

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as you are contacted by law enforcement.  As soon as you are stopped, police may be gathering evidence against you.  Often, in drug cases, the police will request or ask for consent to search your car or house.  You should never consent; if the police have enough evidence to search, they should get a warrant.  Also, you should not speak with the police without consulting an attorney.  If you are contacted by the police, you should immediately request an attorney.

There are many ways to fight a drug charge.  Almost every drug case involves some type of search.  An experienced attorney will review your case to see if any stop or search was lawful and challenge any unlawful search or seizure.  Search warrants can also be challenged if they were improperly issued or the officer searched in places or for items not authorized by the search warrant.  An attorney may also be able to challenge whether there is sufficient evidence to establish that you "possessed" the drugs or "intended to distribute" them.  The credibility of witnesses, especially those with criminal history, drug problems or informants may be challenged.  An experienced attorney will challenge ever aspect of your case to fight your drug charge.

Proven Results

  • Possession with Intent to Deliver charge DISMISSED because officers unlawfully detained client and searched motel room.
  • State agreed to DISMISS firearm enhancement and recommend less time on felony drug charges based on motion that search was illegal and that there was insufficient evidence to support a firearm enhancement.
  • Possession of Methamphetamine DISMISSED because police did not have probable cause to stop client.
  • Marijuana case DISMISSED based on motion that officer illegally detained client to investigate a DUI without probable cause.
  • Based on motion that search of client's house was illegal, charge was REDUCED to one misdemeanor when client was facing two felonies. 
  • Numerous drug charges DISMISSED based on motions that clients were stopped without probable cause.
  • Numerous drug charges DISMISSED based on motions that clients cars, rooms or houses were searched without probable cause.
  • Multiple Paraphernalia charges DISMISSED for different clients because there was not sufficient evidence to establish client used paraphernalia.