Negotiation Successes.

  • Convinced State to Dismiss charge of Assault of a Child, based on investigation and witness interviews.
  • Convinced State to Dismiss charge of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, based on investigation showing the complaining witness lied.
  • Convinced State to Dismiss charge of Intimidating a Witness, based on investigation and obtaining cell phone records.  Client was facing years in prison.
  • Negotiated reduction from several felonies, including two Assault in the Second Degree charges (strike offenses) to misdemeanor charges based on client's mental health issues and factual issues with case.
  • Negotiated a reduction from Assault in the Second Degree (strike offense) to gross misdemeanor based on investigation and medical records obtained.
  •  Based on witness interviews, convinced State to resolve case with credit for time served and release client.  Client was facing multiple felonies and prison time.
  • Based on investigation and interviews, convinced State to reduce felony charges to a misdemeanor and release client with credit for time served.